♂ 12-Cavity Brownie/Bar Baking Pan - Where To Buy?

Almost all brownie recipes called for a specific pan size because variations can throw off baking times and affect texture. If the pan is too large, the brownies will come out thin, dry and hard. If the pan is too small, the batter will rise too high and result in brownies that are too cakey.
But seriously, why would I want to buy so many different sizes of brownie pans just to make brownie? So I decided to get this 12-cavity brownie/bar pan with individual slots which is designed for even heating and guarantees perfect size and shape of brownies, and with any size of brownie recipes, I could use this! Oh yeah, not forgetting that I do not have to cut the brownie myself, perfect for lazy-baker like me, LOL. Instead of doing cup cake, I use this for square cake, double usage, now that's value for money!

Check out my recipes that use this brownie pan:
Vegan Chocolate Almond Brownie 
☼ Vegan Choco Peanut-Butter Cake

☼ SGD9.90
Available at Phoon Huat.
Location: Various in Singapore.

☼ USD13.50
Brand: Wilton

Available online at Amazon

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