♂ Vegetarian Mushroom Oyster Sauce (Wan Ja Sha 万家香) - Where To Buy?

Vegetarian oyster sauce are prepared from mushrooms, mostly oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms. This is because mushrooms, especially oyster mushrooms, have a high level of umami flavour similar to that of real oysters. Most often, oyster mushrooms sauce may contain more taste enhancers if less mushroom extract is used to reduce production costs. Some brands of vegetarian mushroom oyster sauce contain MSG which is unhealthy, but this Wan Ja Sha 万家香  brand does not. Its ingredients look quite/less harmless to me.
I have tried many brands like Lee Kum Kee, Woh Hup, Sin Tai Hing etc, but Wan Ja Sha 万家香 is my favourite brand. Read more about this product at their official website. It has a deep, earthy flavour and aroma that is similar to that of real oysters, but minus that fishy smell. For some brands, it is flat and salty, all I taste is flavourless caramel.
Many companies chemically produced soy sauce which only takes 2-3 days to produce which has a much harsher taste/chemical aroma and can be harmful to health. Some companies use a blend of naturally produced soy sauce with chemically produced soy sauce mixed in, this is also inferior to the 100% naturally brewed method. But for soy sauce, I use this Braggs Liquid Aminos brand.
Wan Ja Sha is an established brand and is one the top manufacturers of 100% naturally brewed soy sauce at Taiwan for more than 60 years. When I was in Taiwan, I also see their mushroom oyster sauce almost everywhere including 7-Eleven stores. It also exports to many countries like Asia, United States, Canada, Australia. Surprisingly, they have a production plant in United States for 30 years and produces organic series like Organic Gluten-Free Vegetarian Worcestershire, Tamari, Teriyaki sauce, click to read more. Too bad, we do not get these in Singapore.
This mushroom oyster sauce comes in smaller bottle too, but getting the one litre bottle is more value for money and can last a long time in the fridge. I usually pour into smaller squeezable sauce dispenser for everyday use and store both the bottles in the fridge, it should stay good up to nine months.
What do I used it for?
You can see in my Chinese recipes that I used for a great variety of applications; as dressing for noodles, vegetables, and stir fries, or as a base for other sauces and marinades. It is also the main ingredient in the popular Chinese dish like seitan (mock-meat) and broccoli. Basically any recipes that called for oyster sauce, you can use mushroom oyster sauce. I do not believe in store-bought vegetable broth as most of them are highly processed, high in sodium and over priced, thus I usually do my own homemade vegetable broth in big quantity, freeze it in small packets and use one packet whenever I need. However, when I do not have that on hand or do not have time and patience to do a good stock for soup etc, I will use this as the broth. Healthy broth within seconds, how amazing!
Where to buy?
In Singapore
SGD5.30 for 1 litre. Best Buy!
☼ SGD2.35 for 300ml (Equivalent to $7.80 for 1 litre)

Available at Ang Mo Supermarket.
Location: Various in Singapore.
☼ SGD5.50 for 1 litre
SGD2.50 for 300ml
at Friendly Vegetarian Food Supplier
Location: Pasir Panjang & Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.
Also commonly available at vegetarian grocery stores.
USD6.99 for 1 litre
For US locations
Available at Ming Tsai
- They carry other organic vegan gluten-free products of this brand too e.g. Worcestershire Sauce, Ponzu Vinaigrette, Tamari Soy Sauce etc. Wow, impressed, wish I could get these in Singapore.
- FYI, this is brand of mushroom sauce is not available at Amazon.
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