♂ Eggless Wonton Mee (Raw/Fresh) - Where To Buy?

It is not easy to find raw/fresh wonton mee which is eggless in Singapore. Heard that even the wonton mee used at most vegetarian stalls contain eggs, so if you do not take eggs, please make an effort to ask the vegetarian stall vendors clearly before ordering.

Although the popular brand Fortune has eggless wonton mee available at NTUC Finest, this is not easy to cook and it goes way too soft within one minute of boiling, and the texture is gluey. I have tried many times including soaking it in icy cold water after cooking, it still doesn't work. I guess partly because it is too thin and different from those we eat at hawker stalls here. So I almost gave up the idea of having dry noodle dishes at home. I have very high expectation of noodle texture, anything not close to al-dente is not worth my calories-intake. Until I found this... 

BK Bee Kia Brand: Flat Noodle 生面
Taste exactly like Wonton Mee
Most consumers probably will not have the slightest idea why the manufacturer labelled this product as Flat Noodle 生面 when it is actually round and thin, an exact lookalike of their Wonton Noodles. Please be careful not to get the wrong product, the one named Wanton Mee does contain eggs. The representative of this company explained the reason behind the product label 生面 is because this noodles when fried will look and taste like this crispy noodle. Well it still doesn't make any better sense to me, but it is not important as long as it tastes good and doesn't contain eggs, settled. I should try it out some day for my Vegetarian Crispy Noodles (Sheng Mian) recipe! They also have another similar product labelled Flat Noodle 生面 but it is flat like Mee Pok, so for whose prefer Mee Pok can buy this.

BK Bee Kia Brand: Flat Noodle 生面
Taste like Mee Pok
Previously this company has mislabelled their Wanton Mee by omitting eggs as one of the ingredients when it actually contain eggs, read more details at end of page. Spoken to the representative of this company and confirmed that this Flat Noodle product does not contain eggs, and the ingredients of all their products are now properly labelled according to the guideline of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority Singapore (AVA). Now I feel more assured buying their products.
This product tastes great and exactly like the typical wonton mee we eat at vegetarian stalls, if not better! It tastes awesome, it is not mushy, not gluey and very QQ (aka al-dente)! Take note that, you need only about 1-2 minute to blanch it, the best method to test the right texture when blanching is to take one piece and try.
I used this wonton mee to cook: 
Where to buy?
Weight: 320 gram
For 4 pax/servings, 75g each.

☼ SGD2.00 Available at Giant.
Location: Various in Singapore.
Buy this online at Giant Online, delivery location limited to Singapore only.

YuMen Brand - Eggless Mushroom Noodles
This is my second choice of fresh wonton mee. It is not organic but is produced by an organic farm, Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd. There are load of activities at the farm e.g. farm and education tour, cooking and tasting session, wheatgrass juicing demonstration. You can also buy the organic fresh produces and products, like wheatgrass, cactus, mushroom, aloe vera, pea sprouts etc. A great place on weekend to bring your kids to take part in their farm activities while you do your green grocery shopping!

Brand: YuMen
Product: Eggless Mushroom Noodles
Weight: 320 gram
Total 4 pieces for 4 servings

Where to buy?
☼ Currently still not available at retail stores.
SGD3.00 at the farm.
Address & contact: click
Location: Neo Tiew Crescent (Kranji), Singapore.

☼ Available online at SGD3.00.
Free delivery for purchase of more than SGD50 in a single receipt.
They sell organic fresh veggies and mushrooms too.
A1 Brand - 5 Minutes Instant Wonton Mee
This is the dry version of wontee mee, well it does not taste as good as the fresh one perhaps partly because it is thinner. If you do not cook wonton mee often and would prefer wonton mee that has longer shelf life in the pantry, this eggless A1 Instant Wonton Mee is the next best option. You are probably are not new to this brand A1, they are quite famous for their Bak kut Teh instant noodles. 
Where to buy?
☼ At 360g
Total 10 patties. 2 patties as one serving. Good for 5 pax.
RM4.75 (Equivalent to SGD1.90)
Available at
Aeon Big-C.
Location: Various in Malaysia.

I haven't chanced upon this product in Singapore supermarkets yet. My friend ever bought another brand of dried/instant wonton mee here in Singapore.
Can we really trust the ingredient labels of products?
After a few experiences with store-bought wonton mee, it really gets me thinking. I have seen two brands of wonton mee which actually contain eggs but did not include it on its packaging! If this happens in Malaysia, well I can understand, but in Singapore too. Seriously? Under Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority Singapore (AVA), egg is one of the ingredient which is known to cause hypersensitivity (click for more) and has to be declared and displayed on food products. Below these two brands are great examples of allergy ingredients that has been mislabelled.
Updates on October 2014:
Previously these two brands did not indicate that it contain eggs when it actually does. Probably after being found out by AVA for mislabelling of allergy ingredients, these two companies have started to label eggs as one of its ingredients. 
BK Bee Kia Brand: Eggless Wantan Mee
Megah Mee Brand: Spinach Eggless Wanton Mee
Though Megah Mee product sold in Singapore is with proper labelling ingredients of eggs, the same product selling in Tesco, Malaysia have not updated its product packaging. Lacto-vegetarians who do not take eggs, please take note.

Learning a new cuisine is actually not that challenging, it is the process of understanding & finding the ingredients in your area which is tedious and time-consuming. Thus, I am most willing to share with readers (Singapore, Malaysia and international) where I get the most value-for-money ingredients that are slightly uncommon. See more of the great, affordable & healthy stuff I am always get.



  1. Most wan tan mee has eggs. I also kena from veegtarian shop that sell wan tan mee and later found out it contain eggs. Think I ate almost 100 plates or less within 2 years. Now I totally replace with whole food easier. Or wan tan mee replace to bee hoon.

    1. Ya, because most vegetarian stalls are mend by Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians who take both eggs and dairy products. Just be careful ;)

  2. Hi Daphne, thank you so much for sharing this post! I have been looking for raw eggless wonton mee for a long time, you are so resourceful and a god-sent to Singapore vegetarians!

    1. Hi Raymond, I'm most flattered, thanks.

  3. I have been following your blog for some time, sorry to take quite a while to leave you a message. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate your blog, about where to buy, eat and of course the great recipes! Please keep blogging and sharing, Babe.

    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for following. Your message motivates me to go on blogging, thanks!

  4. It is quite surprising to realise product mislabelling of allergy ingredient is happening in Singapore. AVA should buck up on this. Well, personally I think we as consumers should also help out to inform AVA too. Allergy mislabelling is no small matter. It can cause a life.

    1. Exactly, hope Singapore remains a trustworthy place for grocery shopping ya ;)

  5. Thank you for your efforts on your blog to keep the public aware of these awesome cruelty-free products.

    1. Hi Baxter, thanks for the message. Is my pleasure, hope your enjoy my posts and find them useful.

  6. Great Article :)
    Thank you for the recipe
    I will try to cook