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Apart from going Beyond Veggies, now we have another vegetarian options at KSL City when we go Johor Bahru, cool! The layout of this shop is a bit different from the typical restaurants or cafés we seen. Basically it is a small shop lot in the mall, and dining area is opposite the shop, meaning it is separated by an alley. They have really catchy and appetizing photos of the dishes on the wall which really attract the passer-by.
Where the counter and kitchen are.


 Dining Area is opposite the Counter.
On the flip side, the food ordered will not be presented as per the beautiful pictures on the walls because they use paper bowls and plates like the Taiwan street food style. I do not really appreciate such presentation because it is not environmental friendly, and my just my personal preference, food serve in plastic, paper or styrofoam cutlery is not appetizing to me. But I can understand that this is only a small store, and getting worker for dish washing might be a problem and higher overheads.
If you are a fan of mocked meat (I am not), you will be spoilt for choice here as there are a wide selection, there are cooked version and also the frozen ones to bring home. They produce their own branding of mock meat, in fact this company started with producing mock meat and venture into retail F&B business in 2014. Comparing the prices, I think it is not on the cheap side oppose to other vegetarian shops I have been. Well, totally understandable because this is a mall, and not shopfront, thus rental is most likely higher.

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Let's talk about their cooked food. At first I am amazed how such a small kitchen can churn out so much dishes. When the food are served, I understand why, because most of which deep fried or steamed mock meat. The rice is steamed, soup are boiled and there are no stir-fried dishes, probably due to the constraints that it does not ventilation ducts etc like typical big restaurant kitchens.

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Vegetarian Laksa
Since I am not a fan of mock meat, I feel the absence of fresh greens and ingredients in their dishes. For example, the laksa has no tau pok and bean sprouts etc., only mock fish ball and meat but luckily they included some fresh mushroom. The vegetarian mutton curry is really spicy and thick, it is a must-order. A pity thing that the rice is kind of soggy and not al-dente.

Vegetarian Mutton Curry

Fried Spring Rolls
Cuisine: Chinese
Name: Vegemore Restaurant & Food Trading 素素乐
Address: Google map
KSL City L1-137
No. 33 Jalan Seladang Taman Abad
80250 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Contact: +60 07-5583232
Open: Daily 10am to 9pm
Air-conditioned: Yes
Restaurant's Name card:

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