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New Menu - Updated April 2015

Why I Love Here:
Pastamania is literally available at most shopping malls in Singapore and super vegetarian-friendly! When there are no vegetarian-friendly eateries or pure vegetarian stalls around, I will go to this Italian cuisine eatery. The food is reasonable priced and the casual dining ambience is pretty good. My omnivore friends can have their feasts while I enjoy mine.

Coming here is like dining at fast food joints where you can have your combined meals, but in Italian style. Their menu is very vegetarian-friendly ranging from soup, bread, pasta to pizza. You can sign up as member at $15 per year, and you will get back $15 cash voucher for dining plus 15% off for ala-carte menu, and on your birthday you get 25% off 6 days before and after your birthday. Great deal, isn't it?

What To Take Note:
All cheese contain rennet. Natural calf rennet is extracted from the inner mucosa of the stomach chamber of slaughtered young, unweaned calves. Read more about rennet. Many vegetarians are concerned about the rennet used in their cheese, whether it is from vegetable or animal rennet. A email-conversation with the Relationship Manager from Pastamania confirmed that a
nything listed on the vegetarian menu in Pastamania is fully vegetarian including the cheese, which is free from animal rennet.

Take note that when most menus stated "vegetarian", it does not mean it is free from onion and garlic. It simply means it is free from animal meat and parts. Usually it does contains diary or sometimes eggs.
The minestrone soup is vegetarian including most tomato based pasta. If you are ordering the fries, wedges or onion rings (at whatever restaurants you are at), always ask this very important question: does the kitchen use the same pot or oil fryer to fry these fries together with other meat stuff like wings and calamari?". If the answer is yes, I will not order any dishes that it is fried together with the animals, and that is a strict no-no for me.
If you are a vegan, choose the tomato based pasta and Aglio Olio (garlic & olive oil), you will never go wrong. However, when I'm at dining out, I cannot bring myself to order plain Aglio Olio pasta, firstly it is all carbohydrate and no veggies at all, that doesn't found very healthy to me. Next it is too pricey for a bowl of carbohydrate. Thus I make my own Vegan Mushroom Aglio Olio Spaghetti at home. Pastamania uses the brand Barilla for their pasta which I love, thus I used this brand of pasta at home, it is readily available at supermarkets, or you can buy this online at Amazon.

Cuisine: Italian
Address: Various Outlets in Singapore, click here.
Nearest MRT: Various
Website: Click

Mediterranean Pasta

Pizza - Vegetarian

Pizza - Vegetarian
Garlic Bread

Cheddar Cheese Stick
Minestrone Soup
All information are correct as of date of post: April 2015


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