♥ Pizza Hut - Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant in Singapore

Why I Love Here:
The pan pizza is great, and the pasta is Al dente. My friends can have their meats while i have my great vegetarian dishes, love it! I do not need my friends to accommodate my diet 'cos Pizza Hut is everywhere!

I have wrote to Pizza Hut and it has been confirmed by them that the cheese used is vegetarian friendly, it is free from calf rennet and is made from microbial rennet. Natural calf rennet is extracted from the inner mucosa of the stomach chamber of slaughtered young, unweaned calves. Read more about rennet.

Cuisine: Italian
Address: Various Outlets in Singapore, click here.
Nearest MRT: Various
Website: www.pizzahut.com.sg

Veggie Lover's - Pizza 
Veggie Pomodoro - Classic Pasta

'Chicken' Ole - Bake Rice
Note: Indicate to server not to include Chicken when placing order.

Cheesy Shrooms - Baked Pasta


♥ Do you sometimes wish to go meatless and yet do not want to feel outcast in the social and business context? Fret not, click here for the list of vegetarian-friendly eateries  in Singapore which guarantee your load of vegetarian choices even with all the carnivores around!



  1. [ Smiles ] They might my vegetarian-friendly, but they are not vegan-friendly.

    I look forward to reading more of your recipes!

  2. Yeah, will post more recipes ya, stay tuned! ;)