♂ Vital Wheat Gluten - Where To Buy?

Vital Wheat Gluten is the natural protein found in wheat. It is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starches dissolve, leaving just the gluten behind. Unlike whole-wheat flour, vital wheat gluten is not flour, in fact, it is powdered gluten.

It contains 75% protein whereby with just a small amount added to whole wheat yeast bread recipes, it will improve the texture and elasticity of the dough. Vital Wheat Gluten can also be used to make a meat substitute known as seitan

I have ever paid double for other brands of VWG  until i found this brand. This is the cheapest I have seen so far in Singapore, totally worth it! This is my lifesaver to making whole wheat bread and pizza dough, i can't do without it! Read more about this product.

Where to buy?
Weight: 623gm

In Singapore
☼ SGD8.50  Best Buy!
Available at Mustafa Center, Singapore.
Exact location: Level 2, Row 9-11.

☼ About SGD12.50 
Available at some Cold Storage and Giant Hyper.

SGD10.87 at iHerb.
Available at Amazon.

See that vast differences in price? Now you know why I like to patronise Mustafa? LOL. Click here to see what other products I regularly get from Mustafa Center.

Learning a new cuisine is actually not that challenging, it is the process of understanding & finding the ingredients in your area which is tedious and time-consuming. Thus, I am most willing to share with readers (Singapore, Malaysia and international) where I get the most value-for-money ingredients that are slightly uncommon. See more of the great, affordable & healthy stuff I am always get.


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