♥ (TCC) The Connoisseur Concerto - Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant in Singapore

Updates on July 2014:
TCC has changed and shrank their menu, and it is not as vegetarian-friendly as the past. Many dishes I have stated below are no longer available, sob. Accordingly to them, they change their menu every 6 months, hopefully they stay competitive and remain vegetarian-friendly in this menu.
Why I Love Here:
So many vegetarian options on the menu! Price is pretty reasonable too, perfect place to chill out with your friends with dessert & coffee after your main course!

Cuisine: Fusion
Address: Various Outlets in Singapore, click here.
Nearest MRT: Various

Shrooms Bite
Portobello Mushroom Burger - not available anymore
Veggie Shroom Sandwhich - not available anymore
Olive & Mushroom Pasta -
Can request to customise to be vegetarian,
speak the server, don't be shy.

Onion Ring


♥ Do you sometimes wish to go meatless and yet do not want to feel outcast in the social and business context? Fret not, click here for the list of vegetarian-friendly eateries  in Singapore which guarantee your load of vegetarian choices even with all the carnivores around!

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