Eggless Nutella Cheesecake (No-Bake)

This recipe is for Nutella® and chocolate lovers. Its creamy texture and crispy base make this Nutella cheesecake one of my favorite dessert! It is so easy and no baking required!

Dietary: Vegetarian.
Make 8-9" pan

For the crust:
 150g digestive biscuits or store-bought/Homemade Graham Crackers
 60g butter, melted
 2 tsp caster sugar, or to taste

For the filling:

 120ml whipping / thickened / heavy cream (I used this sweetened whipping cream)
 150g Nutella chocolate, melted
 2 Tbsp cocoa powder, mixed with warm water
 200g cream cheese

Some topping ideas: 
 Crushed hazelnuts, or any nuts

1. For the base: Crush the biscuits and mix with melted butter and caster sugar. Press the mixture gently into a springform pan and refrigerate for about 10 minutes.
2. For the filling: Whip the cream until soft peak stage. Add melted Nutella chocolate and cocoa powder mixture, mix. Fold in the cream cheese until well-combined. 
3. Spread the mixture on top of chilled crust. Tap the pan a few times to remove any air bubbles. Decorate with toppings of your preference.
4. Freeze overnight or at least 6 hours. Serve!

☼ Replace Nutella chocolate with dark chocolate.

☼ I did not add any sugar in the filling because the Nutella chocolate is already sweet on its own. Fill free to adjust to your preference.

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