Vegan Pinto Bean & Mushroom Patty Sandwich

Mushrooms are similar in taste and texture to meat when cooked, and this mushroom burger recipe may just surprise you with how tasty it is. While mushrooms provide plenty of flavor and texture, the addition of pinto beans makes this veggie burger recipe high in fibre and protein too. This mushroom burger recipe is both vegetarian and vegan as well as gluten-free.

Dietary: Vegetarian, Vegan.
Serve 3

 150g pinto beans, soaked
 5 stalk fresh shitake mushrooms, chopped
 1/4 onion, diced
 2 clove garlic, minced
 1 tsp cumin seeds
 Non-gmo canola oil
 Powered Egg Replacer for 1 egg (follow instruction of product) or 2 Tbsp corn/potato starch

 1 tsp parsley, chopped
 Pinch of sea salt and black pepper

 Eggless mayonnaise

1. Soak pinto beans overnight or at least 8 hours. Cook until soft using pot over stove, slow cooker or pressure cooker. Mash the beans with a potato masher, or process in a food processor.

2. Sautee the onions and garlic in oil until aromatic. Add the cumin seeds and mushrooms and cook for another 3 minutes.

3. Add the beans and cook until brown. 

4. Add egg replacer and seasonings, mix well.

5. Transfer mixture into a plate and shape into square or round patties. Pop into freezer for about 10 minutes to ensure patty keeps its shape when on the pan.

6. Heat pan with oil and cook each patty until done, about 3 minutes on each side. Use 2 wooden spatulas for better control.

7. Garnish with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and mayonnaise in sandwich or burger bun. Serve immediately! 

Pinto Beans


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  2. Do try it out, pretty easy! ;)