♂ Indian Black Salt (Kala Namak) - Where To Buy?

What is black salt?
Kala Namak or Himalayan black Indian salt is a type of rock salt, salty and pungent-smelling condiment used in South Asia. The condiment is composed largely of sodium chloride with several impurities lending the salt its colour and smell, the smell is mainly due to its sulphur content. When in whole, it forms brownish pink to dark violet translucent crystals and, and when ground into a powder, it is light purple to pink in colour. The raw material for producing Kala Namak was originally obtained from natural halite from mines in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

How to use black salt?
It is used extensively in South Asian cuisines and appreciated by vegans in dishes that mimic the taste of eggs. To me, this is the best natural egg replacer for cooking, not baking of course. After you tried this black salt on the following dishes below, you will be surely think like most vegans... "seriously who still need eggs with an amazing natural wholefood like this?" To read more about Kala Namak, click here.

I used black salt on these recipes:
Fresh Spring Roll Popiah (薄餅) With Vegan 'Egg'
Vegan 'Egg' Fried Brown Rice
Vegan Tofu Scrambled 'Egg' 

Where to Buy?
In Singapore
☼ SGD0.90 for 100g.
Available at Mustafa Center, Singapore.
Exact location: Level 2, Row 1A which displays salt, tamarind, tortillas etc.
They stock up different brands from time to time, so any brands doesn't really matter, not much price and quality differences.  
☼ Available at most Indian grocery stores.

☆ Click here to see what other products I regularly get from Mustafa Center.

☼ SGD12.92 for 453g at iHerb.
☼ Available at Amazon

Learning a new cuisine is actually not that challenging, it is the process of understanding & finding the ingredients in your area which is tedious and time-consuming. Thus, I am most willing to share with readers (Singapore, Malaysia and international) where I get the most value-for-money ingredients that are slightly uncommon. See more of the great, affordable & healthy stuff I am always get.

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