♥ Vegetarian Food (Skudai, Johor Bahru) - 乐天素食 Restoran Sayur-Sayuran Medan Rasa

From time to time, I get readers from Singapore asking me for recommendation on vegetarian eateries at Johor Bahru. Since I know Johor Bahru (Malaysia) pretty well and know where to get my feast for vegetarian food, why not share these information with my readers? Here it goes!
This is my first post and also my favourite vegetarian eatery in Johor Bahru. The curry here is simply amazing and heavenly. Not many dishes can make me go back again and again, and this curry happened to be one of the really few.
It is managed by a small family of 2 (or rather 3) generations: husband, wife, mother and a small boy who is always there playing or doing his homework. He is a very cute boy, I literally see him grow up over the years, he likes to come to me whenever I use my iphone. So we gave this eatery a nickname, Xiao Di Curry 小弟咖喱, translated into English means Little Boy's Curry. LOL!
Although this eatery themed itself as a air-conditioned outlet but the air condition is hardly on and the main door is never closed. But this is not a concern for us because majority of the eateries in Malaysia are not air-conditioned, hello, don't you know? LOL.  
Chicken Curry Hot Pot
Taste Rating: 9/10
The gravy is thick, well-spiced and spicy.
Literally the best vegetarian curry I had! 

Stink Beans Fried Rice 臭豆炒饭
Fried rice here is a must-order dish for us, it is not too oily and is perfect.
Eggless Tofu Hot Plate
Veggies are crunchy and not over-cooked, gravy is good.
But I think they could go lighter on the salt.

Entrance View of Eatery
Name: 乐天素食 Restoran Sayur-Sayuran Medan Rasa (Vegetarian Restaurant)
Address: Map
No. 46 Jalan Nakhoda 2. Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.
81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact: : +60 7-554 3563
Open: Daily but closed around 2-5pm. Closed on Tues.
Air-conditioned: No
Restaurant's Name card:

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  1. I am regular here too because this restorant is near my working place. I like the every Monday's daily special: Hakka Thunder Rice! Yumm!

    1. Hi Ai Ling, oh really? I will try to go there on one of the Monday! Not bragging, I love my mum's Thunder Rice, it is the best.. haha, maybe I should get her recipe and share in my blog!

    2. Daphne, please do! Looking forward to it literally!