♂ KAI Multi-Usage Kitchen Aid

KAI (Japan) Multi-Usage Kitchen Aid
When it comes to cooking, the most difficult and tedious part is mincing herbs especially garlic and onion. So I decided to give this Japan innovated product: multi-function kitchen gadget a shot. I just received this today at my doorstep and is thrilled to share with you! 
I love kitchen gadget that is multi-function, this will ensure I do not chuck it inside the cabinet after awhile, just like the toy that has lost its "freshness" to a small kid, LOL.
This has triple function as:-
- Grater for Herbs & Seasonings
- Salad Spinner
- Egg and Cream Beater
You can check out the video on demonstration on how it works, very fun and useful.
Triple Functions in One Gadget!

This is how fine the onions are after a few spin!
You can spin lesser to get roughly chopped onions.

Where to buy?
I bought this at a good deal at SGD21.90 from a online group deal, claimed to be SGD79.00 as the original price, but I doubt it is really so pricey. If there are no online deal for this, you can visit their website for enquiry on this product, Code: DA-5050.

Isetan Singapore
Retailing at SGD35.90

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