♥ Laksania - Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant in Singapore

Why I Love Here:
This vegan-friendly place sells everything about laksa! From traditional laksa soup noodles, laksa fried rice, laksa goreng to laksa hotpot, how cool is that?! I can enjoy my vegetarian laksa dishes while my friends have their meat laksa.

Cuisine: Chinese
Address: Various Outlets in Singapore, click here.
Nearest MRT: Various
Website: www.laksania.com

Vegetarian Laksa Noodles
Remember to indicate 'no eggs' when you place order.

Vegetarian Laksa Hotpot with Rice
Remember to indicate 'no eggs' when you place order.



♥ Do you sometimes wish to go meatless and yet do not want to feel outcast in the social and business context? Fret not, click here for the list of vegetarian-friendly eateries  in Singapore which guarantee your load of vegetarian choices even with all the carnivores around!



  1. Charles Wen03 October, 2014

    Hey Daphne, as per your recommendation, I went today. I love the laksa! Cheers.

    1. Great, glad you enjoy the food at this outlet ;)